Arched Wood Horse Stalls With Wooden Frame

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They are also all made to order!! We do not have any horse stalls in stock.

Steel Grills

Our Arched wood wooden framed horse stalls grills are 7/8″ outside diameter schedule 40 11 gauge steel with a wall thickness of .109″. “We believe our stall bars are the heaviest bars used in the horse stall manufacturing industry”. Our bars are welded in place 4 inches on center giving a space of approximately 3.25 inches between the bars. The steel tubing in our horse stalls and grills will not turn or rattle. These bars do not give when pushed on.


Our stalls come with the wood included. The wood we use in our stalls is a number 1 grade 8 inch tongue and groove v groove southern yellow pine. The wood is clear and free of knots and is not treated or finished, it will be up to you to stain or finish the wood after you have installed the stalls in your barn. The wood can be installed either vertically or horizontally within the steel stall frame your choice just let us know at the time you place your order. The wood on our stalls comes up 4 feet high unless you order all wood dividers then it will go all the way up the divider.

Powder Coated Steel Frames

We offer powder coated stall frames and grills. Standard is black however we have a color chart where we can match the 22 color choices on it. Powder coating leaves a much harder durable finish and will extend the life of your stalls finish. Metal on all of our stalls is sand blasted and cleaned prior to powder coating.

Our Arched Wood Wooden Framed Horse Stalls Can Be Either Conventional, Free Standing, Or Modular!

If your barn does not have posts not a problem. Our fronts and dividers can attach to each other with heavy duty 1 inch diameter by 7″ long solid steel pins. Our stalls can easily be free standing or modular stalls depending on your barn situation.

At the time you place your order we can discuss how your stalls will attach to your barn walls or posts or to no posts at all.

Custom Fitting Stall Fronts and Dividers

The sizes priced below are even sizes however 90% of the stalls we make are made to fit customer needs. If you need a 9’8″ stall front instead of a 10′ front we can make it for you. We do not charge extra to custom make stall fronts and dividers however we do charge to the next standard size. Whatever your needs are we can make the stalls to fit them even if you are installing stalls in an old barn and you need the bottom for the stall front to be 10′ 2″ and the top to be 10′ 1″ etc. This is why we do not stock stalls and all orders are made to order.
Below Are Standard Size Prices But We Will Make Stalls To The Exact Size You Need!

Call, text, or email for current pricing!!  

Arched Stall Fronts
  • 8′ 
  • 10′ 
  • 12′ 
  • 14′ 
  • 16′ 
  • 20′

Arched Stall Dividers

Call, text, or email for current pricing!!  

( Stall Grill and Wood or All Wood Dividers Are Same Price )

  • 8′ 
  • 10′ 
  • 12′ 
  • 14′ 
  • 16′
  • 20′ 

Horse Stall Installation Service

If you need us to professionally install your new horse stalls we can do that. Our charge for doing installations depends on location and the number and type of stalls you need installed. Installation also requires us to deliver your stalls to your location.

If you want a quote on having your stalls installed send us an email with your name, delivery address, product name, sizes and quantities of the stalls you want to have installed and we will send you back a quote via email.

Horse Stall Delivery

We deliver our horse stalls if requested all across the continental United States. Our prices for delivery are fair and we use our own trucks. Your horse stalls will be professionally loaded and packed for delivery. You will be required to unload the horse stalls on your end unless we are installing the stalls in which case we will also unload the stalls.

If you want a quote on having your stalls delivered send us an email with your name, delivery address, product name, sizes and quantities of the stalls you want to have delivered and we will send you back a quote via email.

Custom Made Horse Stalls

We manufacture custom made horse stalls to match your drawings or pictures. We make them to fit your horse stall project. We can make just about anything!

If you want a quote on your stalls project send us an email or fax with a drawing or picture on the stalls you would like to have a quote on along with your name, and quantities of the stalls you want and we will send you back a quote via email.