Site Prep

Barns, Shelters, and Mini Barns

95% of all the horse barns and livestock shelters we deliver we set directly on the ground. The ground needs to be fairly level for your barn or shelter to sit good. You can also grade or level your site, have a stone base, or even pour a concrete pad. The ground work is up to you and we will place the barn or shelter on whatever base you provide. We need 2 feet of room around both sides of the building and 14 foot of overhead clearance for delivery. We suggest you face your barn or shelter front away from the prevailing winds in your area. We also suggest you purchase the added protection of anchors to be installed at the time of delivery.

Garage Foundation Prep

  • Site leveling and foundation preparation is the customers responsibility.

  • The foundation can be 4″ to 6″ crushed stone pad, concrete pad, or concrete and block foundation no more and 24″ above grade. If you are doing any of these foundations they should be at least 6" more on every side then the size of the garage.

  • We do set a lot of these directly on level ground which is fine as everything from the floor down is made of pressure treated lumber.

  • Site should be level. We will do minor leveling up the 2″ at time of delivery to make sure doors and windows shut properly.

  • Other blocks or boards for leveling is the customers responsibility.

Cabin Foundation Prep

  • ​Site leveling and foundation preparation is the customers responsibility.
  • Cabins can be placed straight on the ground, stone pad, cement slab, concrete footers, block foundation, or full basement. All foundations need to be no higher then 18″ above grade.
  • Block foundations and full basements need to have cross supports every 8 feet.
  • We can provide the plans for the foundation at purchase.
  • We need at least two feet on either side of the cabin and 16 feet of overhead clearance along your drive and property to deliver your cabin.
  • If you are having your cabin set on a block foundation or basement we need at least 100 feet of room on one end of the foundation so we can backup to the foundation to slide the cabin off onto the foundation.

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