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Arched Wood Steel Framed Horse Stalls

Our Amish Made Arched Wood Horse Stall Fronts and Dividers with steel frames come with all the wood included and with grill sections in door and to the side of the door, 8 foot sliding door track and guide assembly, a 52″ x 88″ sliding horse stall door which can be installed on either side of the stall your choice. Our arched wood stall fronts and dividers measure 8 foot wide to 20 foot wide and 7′ tall. Our arched stalls are made of 11 and 12 gauge 1 piece all welded steel frames. By using heavier gauge steel frames than most of our competitors, these stalls are very well built and heavier than our competitors. Stall dividers come standard with 4′ of wood and 3′ of steel grill on top but for the same price can be steel framed all wood dividers instead. These stalls are made by skilled Amish craftsmen at our Rockville Indiana manufacturing facility.
Wabash Valley Enterprises
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Horse Stalls - Wabash Valley Enterprises

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Arched wood steel framed horse stalls.
Arched Wood Steel Framed Horse Stalls

Arched wood steel framed horse stall door.
Arched Wood Steel Framed Horse Stall Door

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