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Repo Gambrel Roof 12 x 40 Dutch Door Horse Barn For Sale in Kentucky

About This Horse Barn

•This repo is $16,800 plus tax and delivery if they apply. Barn was originally built on 01/20/23 and used about 4 months. Current new price on this horse barns is $21,138. If interested call 888-568-2035 M-F from 8-4 eastern to purchase or ask questions.

• This barn comes with a gambrel roof and is designed for larger horses.

• Has four 12' x 10' stalls

• There is one 30" x 36" window with a grill guard in each stall.

• Each stall has a 6’x7’ fully functional Dutch Door.

• Stall dividers have 40” of ash kickboards and a steel grill on top

• The side walls are 8’ tall

• 40-year 29-gauge metal on roof and sides - Charcoal grey with white trim and roof.

• 6" x 6" pressure treated runners all the way around building not just on sides. Our runners sit flat on the ground all the way around the bottom of the shed which keeps wind from getting under the building during high winds. Our barns are very heavy which also help keep them from blowing over.

• Double 2" x 4" wall studs every 48" on center.

• 2" x 6" roof joists 48" on center

• 2" x 10" with a 2" x 6" header above front run-in door openings

• Width: Outside edge of front runner to outside edge of rear runner 12′

• Length: Outside edge of end runner to outside edge of opposite end runner 30'.

• Height: From bottom of front runner to bottom of door header 90 inches

• Height from ground to center peak is 13’.

• Full 1" thick kick boards on inside walls to the bottom of the ceiling from top of 6" x 6" ran horizontally for strength.

• Bubble wrap under metal on roof for condensation control

• Steel tow rings on all four building corners for easy mobility and building bracing.

• Color matched metal screws

• FREE delivery within 100 miles of Rockville Indiana 47872. If you are more than 100 miles away, you will be billed for the remaining delivery fee prior to delivery for all miles over 100 from 47872 zip code.

Repo Gambrel Roof 12 x 40 Dutch Door Horse Barn For Sale in Kentucky
Repo Gambrel Roof 12 x 40 Dutch Door Horse Barn For Sale in Kentucky

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