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Our Basic Horse Stall Fronts with steel frames come with all the wood included and with grill sections in door and to the side of the door, 8-foot sliding door track and guide assembly, a 52″ x 84″ sliding horse stall door which can be installed on either side of the stall your choice. Our basic stall fronts measure 14 foot wide and and 7′ tall. Our basic stalls are made of 11-gauge and 12-gauge 1 piece all welded steel frames. By using heavier gauge steel frames than most of our competitors, these stalls are very well built and heavier than our competitors. 




Steel Grills In The Horse Stall Front
Our horse stall grills are 7/8″ outside diameter schedule 40 11 gauge steel with a wall thickness of .109″. “We believe our stall bars are the heaviest bars used in the horse stall manufacturing industry”. Our bars are welded in place 4 inches on center giving a space of approximately 3.25 inches between the bars. The steel tubing in our horse stalls and grills will not turn or rattle and are spot welded at both ends. These bars do not give when pushed on.


Our stalls come with the wood included. The wood we use in our stalls is a number 1 grade 8 inch tongue and groove v groove southern yellow pine. The wood is clear and free of knots and is not treated or finished, it will be up to you to stain or finish the wood after you have installed the stalls in your barn. The wood can be installed either vertically or horizontally within the steel stall frame your choice just let us know at the time you place your order. Vertical placement is stronger then horizontal but either way works well with horses. The wood on our stalls comes up 4 feet high unless you order all wood dividers then it will go all the way up the divider.


Powder Coated Steel Frames
We offer powder coated stall frames and grills. Powder coating leaves a much harder durable finish and will extend the life of your stalls finish. Black is the standard color but we can powder coat pretty much to the color you choose. Metal on all of our stalls is sand blasted and cleaned prior to powder coating.


Our Arched Wood Steel Framed Horse Stalls Can Be Either Conventional, Free Standing, Or Modular!

If your barn does not have posts not a problem. Our fronts and dividers can attach to each other with heavy duty 1 inch diameter by 7″ long solid steel pins. Our stalls can easily be free standing or modular stalls depending on your barn situation.
At the time you place your order we can discuss how your stalls will attach to your barn walls or posts or to no posts at all.


Custom Fitting Stall Fronts and Dividers
The sizes priced below are even sizes however 90% of the stalls we make are made to fit customer needs. If you need a 9’8″ stall front instead of a 10′ front we can make it for you. We do not charge extra to custom make stall fronts and dividers however we do charge to the next standard size. Whatever your needs are we can make the stalls to fit them even if you are installing stalls in an old barn and you need the bottom for the stall front to be 10′ 2″ and the top to be 10′ 1″ etc. This is why we do not stock stalls and all orders are made to order.

Questions We Need To Know When You Call To Place Your Order

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Address
  3. Your Email Address
  4. Whether you want the wood in your stalls to be horizontal or vertical?
  5. Whether you want the sliding horse stall door on the left or the right handside as you face the stall front?
  6. If it is a Classic Stall front which side do you want the center swinging door to be hinged or left or right?
  7. Do you have concrete floors?
  8. Do you have posts or not to attach the stall fronts to?
  9. We need to know if you have posts how and how the fronts will attach to them? Are they going on the faces of the posts or are the fitting in between the posts?
  10. How are the dividers going to attach to the fronts and back wall?If your fronts or dividers are too long from the wrong measurements they will not fit.
  11. If fronts and dividers are going in between the posts we will need two measurements. One measurement 1" up for width and one measurement 84" up for width. This really needs to be accurate as these are all steel one piece frames and if they are too long
  12. What color for the metal frames and bars? Black is standard.
  13. If you have a drawing of how your horse stall placement will be within your barn that would also help. It can be emailed to
  14. If you have concerns about your horse stalls please let us know when you order.


Delivery of Horse Stalls

If you want we can deliver your horse stalls once they are finished. We charge $2.00 per mile from zip code 47872. You will be required to unload the horse stalls once they are delivered to your address. The driver will unstrap the stalls but it will be up to you to actually unload.


Installation Of Horse Stalls Professionally by Our Amish Crew 

Our Amish crew will deliver and professionally install your horse stalls for $275 per stall and $2.00. If you have several horse stalls and the crew has to stay overnight an additional charge of $600 per person per nite will apply.


Shipping Horse Stalls

  1. We no longer ship horse stalls by LTR to customers any longer. The shipping companies do not care what condition they get your stalls to you in.
  2. The majority of customers come by truck and horse trailer to pickup their horse stalls.Other customers pay third party shippers to stop by and pickup their horse stalls.



We expect payment at the time your order is placed. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Business Check, and ACH directly from your checking account. We can also acept PayPal Payments.

When you order we will put all the information for your order on the invoice. The invoice will be emailed to you and you can pay the invoice by any of the options listed above directly from the invoice.


Sales Tax

Indiana sales tax of 7% has to be collected on all orders that are picked up here or that we deliver. Smaller orders that are shipped out of state do not get sales tax applied to the order. Horse stalls are not a farm tax exempt.


Time Frame on Horse Stalls

All horse stalls are made to order and take 4-6 weeks to make, and this time frame can change due to the number of horse stalls in your order and our current schedule of orders. Horse stalls are made to exactly fit the measurements you provide us at ordering. Sorry we do not stock any pre-made horse stalls.


Horse Stall Quotes

We can give you a quote on your horse stall project and then email you an estimate with the details and cost and if you decide that is what you want, we can change the estimate into an invoice for you.


To Order

You can Call Us Monday through Friday from 8-4 eastern time at 888-618-6776

    14' X 7' Basic Horse Stall Front

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      Call Us At 888-568-2035
      M-F From 8-4 Eastern
         While we may not be the largest horse stall manufacturer, we take pride in providing high-quality products and exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.
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