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Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

   Have your carbide saw blades professionally sharpened and sent back to you. We sharpen 71/4" to 30" diameter carbide blades.

We sharpen all woodworking carbide tipped circular saw blades. Blades are precision sharpened and in most cases are sharper after we sharpen them then they were brand new. We sharpen circular saw blades up to 30" in diameter. We do not repair or replace carbide teeth on circular saw blades. If you don't say we will go ahead and sharpen carbide circular saw blades with up to 3% of the teeth missing. We remove as little carbide as possible so that you get the maximum number of sharpening's out of any of your saw blades. After sharpening we check each blade for plate run out and tooth runout making sure both are no more then .005. You will always get back your own saw blades and not somebody else's. 

   We do not replace carbide tips. If you have a blade that has more than 3% broken teeth, we will not sharpen that blade.

Carbide Tipped Saw Blades, Biscuit Cutters, Milling Cutters, Scoring Blades

We Sharpen Up To 30" Diameter Saw Blades

         ATB / FLAT             ATBR / TC
       $.35 per tooth          $.45 per tooth

7 1/4" Contractor Blades    $6.60 


Carbide Dado Blades

   Have your stacked dado sets professionally sharpened and sent back to you. We sharpen most all styles of dado blades. We need to receive both outer blades and all the chippers to the set you are sending, as they all need to be sharpened at the same time to properly sharpen them and keep them as a matched set.

Dado Blades and Chippers   - $.45 per tooth on outer blades and $3.00 per chipper


Business Info and How To Send Us Your Tool Sharpening


   We take in orders daily from around the country. They are processed and returned within three business days after the day of arrival which is usually in late afternoons. All orders are shipped back via USPS priority mail or UPS ground service.


Walkin Customers

   Walk-in customers can drop off their sharpening Monday through Friday from 8-4 at our business office located at 3297 E 350 N Marshall Indiana 47859. Most orders are ready then to be picked up in 3 business days.


Shipped in Sharpening Orders

Print off our order form / packing list and fill out accurately what items you are sending to be sharpened.

Carefully package up the items you are having sharpened, making sure you wrap all sharp edges and put cardboard or newspaper in between each carbide saw blade so the blade teeth do not bang together during shipping.

Make sure your package includes a packing list inside your package with your name, shipping address, email address, the items and quantities you are sending, the amount of insurance on return shipping if any.

Let us also know if you want priority mail or UPS ground on return shipping.

Make sure you make an accurate list as when your package arrives, and we make an invoice if the items and quantities don't match it could delay processing until we get it figured out what is correct.

Return Shipping Charges

$0   - $15 Orders - $7.00

$16 - $35 Orders - $10.00

$36 - $50 Orders - $13.00

$51 - $75 Orders - $20.00

$76 Plus FREE

If you want insurance on return, please let us know.

Send Your Sharpening Order To:

Wabash Valley Tool Sharpening

3297 E 350 N

Marshall Indiana 47859


Ways To Pay For Your Sharpening Order

  1. Pay by business or personal check sent with your order. If you send a check your order will be delayed until your check clears our bank.
  2. Pay by credit card online. Once we receive your order, we will inventory it and invoice it and send you the invoice by email. You can pay online directly off the invoice via Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover Card. You will also be able to pay by ACH directly from your checking account if you wish. Once your payment is received, we will sharpen your order and ship it back to you.
  3. If you are a business and enclose a business card and email address with your order, we will invoice you online by email and you will have 30 days to pay.

If you have questions once you get your invoice you can email us at with your invoice number and leave a message and we will be glad to help you. 


Pre-sales Questions:

Email us at M-F from 8-4 eastern time with your questions and we will be glad to help you.

You can also call our sales office at 888-568-2035 M-F from 8-4.

Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Sharpening Prices

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    Call Us At 888-568-2035
    M-F From 8-4 Eastern
       While we may not be the largest horse stall manufacturer, we take pride in providing high-quality products and exceptional service at a reasonable price. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every customer is satisfied with their purchase.
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