Work For Us Selling Our Horse Barns and Livestock Shelters

   If your looking for some extra money or just something to do you can help sell our products that our listed on our website. Just list an item or items off our website on Facebook market place, or craigslist with your contact information. If you get somebody interested in more information or purchasing call Jennifer at 888-568-2035 and give her their contact information or have them call her directly and she can help answer their questions or take their order. Just make sure Jennifer knows they are one of your customers. We will pay you 5% of the total sales price not including sales tax and delivery charges. Our average or most common sales are 12' x 24' metal horse run in sheds that go for $6259. 5% would be $312.95. We pay every Friday. The 5% is paid on all our products excluding delivery charges and sales tax that you sell. Just email or call and provide you name and contact information and start selling.