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Tool Sharpening Service
     At Wabash Valley Tool Sharpening, we have been providing quality sharpening services for over 30 years. We proudly serve the greater Wabash Valley area and beyond, and offer professional sharpening of household knives, scissors, lawn and garden tools, and some woodworking tools.Our mission is to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied with the sharpening results. We take great pride in the quality of our services and look forward to helping you bring your tools back to life.
     Everything is ready for pickup three days not including the weekend after you drop your order off to be sharpened.
Pocket Knives-----------------------------------$3.00
Fillet Knives--------------------------------------$5.00
Hunting Knives----------------------------------$5.00

Kitchen / Butcher Knives-----$1.00 per inch $6 Min
Meat Cleavers------------------$1.00
per inch $6 Min
Electric Fillet / Kitchen Knives---------------$6.00
Meat Grinder Blades---------------------------$6.00

Household Scissors---------------------------$6.00
Fabric Scissors---------------------------------$6.00
Barber Scissors--------------------------------$8.00
Pinking Shears---------------------------------$7.00
Medical Scissors-------------------------------$7.00
Industrial Shears-------------------------------$8.00
Upholstery Scissors---------------------------$8.00
Grooming Shears Pets-----------------------$8.00
Lawn and Garden Tools
Mower Blades
Sharpen and Balance
Push Mower Blades--------------------------$4.50
Riding Mower Blades-------------------------$6.50
Mulching Mower Blades---------------------$6.50
Reel Style Push Mowers-------------------$35.00
Hedge Trimmers
Manual Hedge Trimmers--------------------$5.00
Electric Hedge Trimmers Blades Removed
Electric Hedge Trimmers Blades on Trimmer
Gas Hedge Trimmers Blades Removed
Gas Hedge Trimmers Blades on Trimmer
Other Garden Tools
Manual Grass Clippers----------------------$5.00
Electric Grass Clippers-----$5.00 off $7.50 on
Prunners / Loppers---------------------------$5.00
Edger Blades----------------------------------$5.00
Axe / Hatchet Single Bit---------------------$5.00
Axe Double Bit---------------------------------$8.50
Splitting Maul-----------------------------------$5.00
Large Mowing Scythe----------------------$15.00
Small Hand Scythe---------------------------$7.50
Home Owner Chipper Schredder Blades
Hoes / Shovels / Spades-------------------$5.00
Weed Eater Brush Blade-------------------$6.50
Machetes / Corn Knives--------------------$10.00 
Saw Chains
Chain is measured by hanging length from end to end. We do not charge by bar length. We do  not sharpen carbide chains.
Up to 20" length-------------------------------$6.00
21" to 30" length-------------------------------$8.00
31" to 36" length------------------------------$10.00
37" to 40"---------------------------------------$12.00
Remove and Replace on Saw-------------$5.00
Industrial Knives / Blades
Tree Chipper Blades Up to 5/8" Thick
-----------------------------------------$1.00 per inch
Tree Chipper Blades Up to 3/4" Thick
------------------------------------------$1.25 per inch
We can sharpen all tree chipper blades. Standard sharpening involves removing 80% of all nicks and gouges. 
Silage Knives-----------------------$1.00 per inch
Paper Shears-----------------------$1.00 per inch
Sheet Metal Blades----------------$1.00 per inch
Granulator / Rotor Blades Up To 5/8" Thick
------------------------------------------$1.25 per inch
Granulator / Rotor Blades Up To 3/4" Thick
------------------------------------------$1.75 per inch
Granulator / Rotor Blades Up To 1" Thick
------------------------------------------$2.25 per inch
Floor Scraper Blades--------------$.75 per inch
* Minimum on all Blades and Knives $7.50         
Woodworking Tools
Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
No. Teeth          ATB          ATBR / TC
Up to 20          $13.50           $15.50
21 - 40            $15.50           $18.50
41 - 60            $18.50           $21.50  

61 - 80            $20.50           $23.50
81 - 100          $22.50           $25.50
101 - 120        $26.50           $29.50
121 - 140        $29.50           $33.50

We Do Not Repair or Replace Carbide Tips)
Carbide Dado Blades - See Carbide Blade Prices Above
Carbide Dado Chippers
2 Teeth--------$4.75
4 Teeth--------$7.00
6 Teeth--------$7.75
8 Teeth--------$8.75
HSS Planer and Jointer Blades
Single Blades-------------------------$.75 per inch
Double Edged------------------------$.75 per inch
Tersa Blades--------------------------$.75 per inch
Moulder Knives-----------------------$.75 per inch
Mitre Knives---------------------------$.75 per inch
* Mis-matched sets are sharpened individually.
** Matched sets are sharpened to exactly the same width.
*** Sets with nicks over 1/16" deep add $1.50 per blade to cover extra grinding.
Carbide Planer and Jointer Blades
Single Blades------------------------$1.75 per inch
Double Edged-----------------------$1.75 per inch
Tersa Blades-------------------------$1.75 per inch
Moulder Knives----------------------$1.75 per inch
Mitre Knives--------------------------$1.75 per inch
* Mis-matched sets are sharpened individually.
** Matched sets are sharpened to exactly the same width.
*** Sets with nicks over 1/16" deep add $2.50 per blade to cover extra grinding.
Miscellaneous Sharpening

Office Paper Cutters                                                               $1.00 per inch
Saw Chains                                                                            $7.50 (off saw) $12 (on saw)
Shop Time on Special Jobs                                                 $65 per hour 
Items We Do Not Currently Sharpen

Steel Saw Blades
Planer Blades
Jointer Blades 
Router Bits
Shaper Cutters
Tree Chipper Blades
End Mills
Drill Bits
Clipper Blades
Address to drop off  or Pickup sharpening orders Monday through Friday from 8-4 and Saturdays 10-2
3297 E 350 N
Marshall Indiana 47859
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