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Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Metal Chart Cheyenne Cabin
Cheyenne Cabin
Stain Colors Cheyenne Cabin

Cheyenne Cabin

The Cheyenne Cabin – 1036 Square Feet – 3 Bedroom – 2 Baths (4th Bedroom is an Option)

We manufacture our Cabins using premium building materials and top-quality craftsmanship. Our Cabins come with either metal siding, or D-log siding. We sell and deliver our cabins all across Indiana and Illinois. We may deliver farther if requested.

The Cheyenne Cabin Standard Features

  • Peaked roof

  • 1036 square feet – T – shaped one 14 x 40 and one 14 x 34 cabin sections. L-Shaped option is also available. 

  • 40-year 29-gauge metal roofing in your choice of 22 metal colors is standard. See color chart with pictures to the right.

  • 1 bedroom 12′ x 14′

  • 1 bathroom 10′ x 8′

  • 1 living room 14′ x 14′

  • 1 kitchen – 14′ x 12′

  • 1 bathroom 9′ x 8′

  • 2 bedrooms 14′ x 10′

  • 1 entry way 6′ x 9′

  • 3/8″ bead board on interior walls and ceiling with clear coat finish

  • Included in Price: Standard kitchen cabinets and Formica counter tops, 1 kitchen sink, 2 bathroom vanity’s, 1 shower unit, 1 tub/shower unit, 2 toilets, 2 bathroom exhaust fans, are tied together and run to the outside in 3″ pipe. Water lines are plumbed from water heater closet to bathroom sinks, tub, and kitchen sink

  • Plumbing the sewer / drain lines is the responsibility of the customer once the cabin is set on your foundation. Our price includes plumbing all the water lines and running the drain lines down 6″ below the floor.

  • 10 30″ x 36″ windows and 2 17″ x 28″ windows double pane, single hung

  • 2 exterior 36″ x 80″ steel nine lite doors

  • 10 interior doors

  • Vinyl Laminate flooring or Linoleum

  • 2″ x 4″ wall studs 16″ on center

  • 2″ x 4″ floor joists 16″ on center

  • 4″ x 4″ treated runners under floor joists

  • 3/4″ plywood on top of floor joists

  • Insulated walls and ceiling with R-13 Insulation

  • R- 12 – 1 1/2″ Insulated garage door panels under floor

  • Is fully wired with 200-amp electrical service and has 14 lights, and 33 electrical outlets, 14 switches, (Is the responsibility of the customer to run electrical and hookup to the 200-amp breaker box after the cabin is set).

  • Kitchen is wired for electric stove.

  • Heating and cooling are the responsibility of the customer after the cabin is delivered. We will frame in for any a/c or heating unit you are planning on using if you provide the measurements.

  • House wrap around exterior walls

  • Single bubble vapor barrier under the metal in the roof

  • 6′ x 24′ covered porch with treated lumber and railings standard 6′ x 40′ available

  • Wheelchair access is available if required.

  • Delivery is FREE within 50 Miles of Rockville Indiana 47872

Floor Plan on Three Bedroom Two Bath T




















Cabin Foundations and Prep

  • ​Site leveling and foundation preparation is the customers responsibility.

  • Cabins can be placed straight on the ground, stone pad, cement slab, concrete footers, block foundation, or full basement. All foundations need to be no higher than 18″ above grade.

  • Block foundations and full basements need to have cross supports every 8 feet.

  • We can provide the plans for the foundation at purchase.

  • We need at least two feet on either side of the cabin and 16 feet of overhead clearance along your drive and property to deliver your cabin.

  • If you are having your cabin set on a block foundation or basement, we need at least 100 feet of room on one end of the foundation so we can back up to the foundation to slide the cabin off onto the foundation.


Paying For Your Cabin

We are not a bank or financial institution! It is your responsibility to secure financing to pay for your cabin. We have rent to own on unfinished cabins under $15000, but not on any of our finished cabins. We expect 25% payment at the time you place your order, 50% more at 30 days from purchase, and the final 25% before delivery. We accept personal checks, business checks, cashier's checks, and ACH payments directly out of your checking account for all orders.​ ​All Cabin orders are non-refundable once we have started making the cabin.


Before you get too far into the project you will want to check with your local municipality to see whether you will need a permit for your project. Permit requirements vary a great deal from place to place and the best way to find out is to research on-line, call or visit the local township where you are looking to build.

Finished and Unfinished Cabins Delivery

  • Delivery is usually three weeks or less on any cabin that is in-stock.

  • Delivery in approximately 5-6 weeks from purchase on unfinished cabins and 12-16 weeks on finished cabins that are not in-stock and have to be built.

  • We deliver to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri. We will deliver farther away if requested to do so and you want to pay for the delivery charge.

  • A delivery quote will be given prior to purchase.

  • Mileage is figured using google maps from our zip code 47859 to your zip code.

  • Delivery of unfinished cabins in approximately 5-6 weeks from purchase

  • Delivery of finished cabins in approximately 12-16 weeks from purchase

  • We need at least two feet on either side of the cabin and 16 feet of overhead clearance along your drive and property to deliver your cabin.

  • If you are having this set on a foundation, we need at least 100 feet of room on one end of the foundation so we can backup to the foundation to slide the cabin off onto the foundation and the foundation cannot be more then 24" above grade.

  • We delivery our Amish built Lincoln Cabins to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and several other States here in the Midwest.

  • We manufacture our cabins all year. 

  •  You will have to call, text, or email for a price quote on delivery.

  • You'll be responsible for hiring a contractor or locally licensed electrician and plumber for hooking up your utilities: electric, sewer, and water. Our modular cabin design makes it easy and straightforward for them to have it completed quickly. Plumbing is roughed down to the floor from the individual fixtures and the electric can be accessed through the 200-amp panel box.

Rent To Own on Our Cabins
  • Rent to own is available on smaller unfinished cabins up to $15,000.

  • You must live in Indiana or Illinois and are within 150 miles of Rockville Indiana

  • You can fill out paperwork online or come to our sales office to fill out paperwork.

  • You will need a valid driver's license or ID card, social security card, and proof of employment.

  • You will need to have your security deposit if required and your first month's payment at the time you fill out your rent to own paperwork.

  • We do not rent to own on anything over $15,000.


How to Order with Wabash Valley Enterprises Directly:

  1. You can order this building by calling and actually talking to a salesperson at Wabash Valley Enterprises. Call our sales office at 888-568-2035 M-F from 8-4 eastern time. 

Floor Plan Cheyenne Cabin
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