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Horse Stall Door Drop Downs

The horse stall door drop downs in our straight and arched stall drop downs are 7/8″ outside diameter schedule 40 11 gauge steel with a wall thickness of .109″. “We believe our stall bars are the heaviest bars used in the stall manufacturing industry”. Our bars are welded in place 4 inches on center giving a space of approximately 3.25 inches between the bars. The steel tubing in our horse stalls and grills will not turn or rattle. These bars do not give when pushed on.


Powder Coated Steel

We offer powder coated horse stall door drop downs. Powder coating leaves a much harder durable finish and will extend the life of your stalls finish. Black is the standard color but we can powder coat pretty much to the color you choose. Metal on all of our stall grills is sand blasted and cleaned prior to powder coating.

Straight Horse Stall Drop Downs - $126

Arched Horse Stall Drop Downs  - $195

Horse Stall Door Drop Downs
Horse Stall Door Drop Downs
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